Songivity Songwriter

It's all about the song

Songivity Songwriter is a creative assistant that helps you capture, organize and connect musical ideas, from concept to production.

Songivity Songwriter Features & Benefits

Musicians, Songwriters & Lyricists

  • Capture ideas quickly
  • Collect, tag & organize
  • Connect ideas together
  • Find & rediscover past work
  • Work side-by-side with GarageBand, Logic Pro, or any multi-track DAW
  • Keep it all together: lyrics, writings, audio, video, production files, notes, journals


  • Audio & video recorder
  • Idea Inbox for files of any type
  • Song, Lyrics & Music items to represent your musical ideas
  • Journals items for capturing stories, concepts, tasks & events
  • Lyrics-Prompter display for recording farther from screen
  • Quick-switch Layouts & Panels for switching between tasks
  • Collections for organizing albums or any type of group
  • Smart Collections for dynamic collections
  • Colors! Choose between 6 windows colors to help set the mood

Each Item Has

  • Artists & roles on items to track collaboration
  • Media Files — mixes, recordings, video, PDF
  • Production Files — multitrack, score and other project files & folders
  • Flagged, Completed & Published indicators
  • Song Part (verse, chorus, etc) for Music & Lyrics items
  • Free-form Tags
  • Ratings